I believe that the perfect makeup start with the perfect skin.

Beauty therapy  DETOX concept is to streamline and cleans out all doubts  about makeup, in fact  I want to help you how you can peel off the layers of makeup that you have been wearing  all this years maybe because we didn’t know how to do it  or didn’t  have a chance to meet someone who is interest to help you clarify  of dispelling myths about makeup also to translate trends to your reality and make sure you feel flawless and confident.

Thinking about all the products that have been buying  all this years, some products maybe you wore once or twice. A step by step lesson will help yo to figure out what is the easiest way to do your own makeup to make you look like you always wanted.

On this session I'll cleans out and organize your makeup kit  to personify your own persona , I'll create a hit list of products what is missing from your kit.


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